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We now repair Clone pads that are falling apart. We replace the pad covers with new Naugahyde (no other parts)-$35.00 per string plus $3.50 shipping per string. We will also embroider your name for $3.00 per string and a Velcro strap for $2.50 per string. Click here to request and pay for a repair (bring the pads to quiz event where Bill Horning is attending) or ship to 816 Aspen Dr., Manteno, IL 60950-5007

When you click one of the images below or the store button, you will be taken to the shopping cart. There you will find pricing and more specific information about the product. You can view products and pricing but to place an order you must create an account and the web master must verify your account before you can place an order. This usually only takes a few minutes.

It is recommendeded that a lifetime upgrade option is purchased. The cost is an additional $25 but the option includes all new versions, releases and modifications. If not purchased with the current version, all new versions or releases will each cost $25.

USB interface boxes and Quiz Pads (strings of 5 pads; red, yellow and green ) can now be ordered. We have developed our own with stitching on all 4 sides (example has black for the contact name (owner) but each pad will be sewn with the appropriate color)

Parallel Interface Boxes have been discontinued effective 9/4/2010! We also do not REPAIR Parallel Interface Boxes as of 1/1/2013.

QuizMachine DQD Codes Lifetime Upgrade Option
QuizMachine Software - $25 (option for $25 lifetime upgrade) QuizMachine District Director Code
- $25 (DQD's only)
QuizMachine Lifetime Upgrade Option Only
- $25
USB IB Quiz Pads Recover Quiz Pads
USB Interface Box $135 plus $8.95 shipping.
Place orders now accepted
Boxes will ship as soon as they are made,
which may take several months depending
on the number of orders.
Quiz Pads for QuizMachine
$70.00 per string of 5 pads plus shipping ($3.50 per string)
PADS can take 3-4 months or longer to deliver.
Repair old Quiz Pads for QuizMachine
$35.00 per string of 5 pads.
Recover pads and fix minor problems
$3.00/string; add a velcro strap $2.50/string.
 Shipping per string - $3.50.
 Advanced Laptop
$195.00 plus shipping depending on distance from Illinois
Images may not be an exact representation of the actual computer. Windows 10 operating system an additional $15

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