What's NEW in QuizMachine version 4

Windows 7 Windows 7 user profiles created after the install of QuizMachine now work-the program will now start in the new profile.
Procedure-foul out Foul Outs in the Jump dialog now no longer cause crashes if someone has fouled out already.
Installation/Setup/Trial Version Fixed the Trial License on all version. Trials now should work correctly.
QMServer Added a menu item "Import NameList/Schedules" to QMServer. It is now no longer necessary and in fact it is discouraged to copy the namesched.src file to the c:\users\xxxx\appdata\roaming\quizstuff\quizmachine directory. In fact if you do that file will not correctly appear in the QMServer schedule data. It will cause quizzes to not go to the correct statistic. So, as of this load use the "Import NameList/Schedules" menu to load new names and schedules or updated names and schedules into QMServer.
Maintenance Sometimes the Quizmachine.1 log file was not being correctly created on Windows7. Fixed. QuizMachine.1 log file will now always appear in the \users\xxxx\appdata\roaming\quizstuff\quizmachine directory.

Procedure-foul out If a jumper fouls out before points are awarded and the quizmaster was in the jump dialog and uses the foul button to foul the quizzer out quizmachine does not correctly remove the quizzer from the game and do the substitution
Z-Box firmware Add new programming to allow for the new communications protocol-Zigbee
Registration Modified the registration dialog to only display the number of days before the trial is expired, when the trial in progress or the license code is not valid
Individual statistics option Inherited average handled incorrectly. Changed conversation process.
Individual statistics option Change to handle inherited averages for correct number of rounds (previously, always 10 rounds
Top 16 quizoff (also top xx) Removed 3rd, 4th and 5th team bonus from displaying
QuizMachine database maintenance Initial work on deleting, renaming, and copying rounds in the database from the setup dialog tab
Installation/Setup Changed default interface type to USB QBox. With the USB interface box now standard, the default needed to be changed as it has been causing confustion.
Installation/Setup Added Arduiono Uno drivers (for new part used in the USB interface box
QMServer/QView Added functions and dialogs under general properties to allow importing from Qview
QView is a new function in the server and client setup. Allows stats to be sent from server to server or client to server using an Internet connection.
Used at Q2010 and NYC 2011.
QMServer/QView Fixed ikey order bug for Qview